Fillet O’Fish

     Fish fillets come in all sorts of sizes.  In my early years, they usually came fried on a bun, as a hamburger substitute on Fridays.  As I’ve “matured,” and my pallet has expanded, I’ve grown to love the taste of fresh fish and even sushi, which usually has a few pieces of raw fish as well.  […]

Earning Folds in My Toque

There’s a belief that each fold in the original toque (the tall pleated hat symbolizing the head chef) represented the mastery of an egg technique.  30 folds meant 30 different techniques.  Looking at Chef’s Le Cordon Bleu toque I notice there must be about 40 folds.  How many egg techniques are there, I wonder?  And then I imagine my […]

A Day at the Spa with Your Best Friend

 I’m not in the habit of eating friends, or even roasting them for fun, but today Chef tells us that roast chicken is our best friend.  We are also getting to the midpoint of the course and I think he’s giving hints that this may be our final exam dish.  Either way, I’m looking forward […]

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta

You might be surprised to see that today is all about pasta and pasta sauce.  I was delighted when I read the recipe book for the Le Cordon Bleu program and found a day devoted just to pasta.  My husband was just as thrilled, because now I can use my “must-have” pasta machine.  This beautiful, shiny, awkward […]

A Trip to the Market

Tokyo is a very international city and you can find all the Western ingredients you want, if you know where to look.  The city itself is mad about Western pastries.  You can’t walk 10 feet without seeing a bakery or pastry shop.  Most Japanese grocery stores have a fresh pastry section, but few have the […]