A Matter of Time – A Typical Day Part 4

The Finished Product The last phase is always a little hectic as everything I’m serving needs to be hot and not overcooked.  When I’m finished, and ready to plate, I clean and warm up my presentation plate with the Le Cordon Bleu, Paris seal on it.  Again I refer to my notes to see how Chef […]

A Matter of Time – A Typical Day Part 3

The Morning Routine The next morning is where the discipline is really important.  Each morning I get up at 5:00 and either go for a jog or review my notes.  During the morning is my last chance to prep for the day.  I make sure each page is in a plastic sheet cover (to prevent […]

Stuffed Quail and Potatoes Dauphine

A Matter of Time – A Typical Day Part 2

Home Prep When I arrive home, my Le Cordon Bleu day is still continuing, I’m just changing locations.  My bike ride home is quick as it’s all downhill in this direction.   I get home before my husband and four teenagers so I have a few moments to unpack and set up.  My first task […]

Chicken Fricasee

A Matter of Time – A Typical Day Part 1

When I share with friends that I’m taking courses at Le Cordon Bleu, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is what  a typical day is like.  “Is it like the popular TV culinary shows with food fights for ingredients, smashing of potatoes, tears, faked injuries, competition between students, insults and a whole lot of shouting?”  […]

French Hot Dogs

Today starts my fourth week.  I’m halfway through the program and still can’t believe I’m here.   For me, much of this program is a remembrance of days past through the food I enjoyed on my visits to France.  France has always represented a fantasy world, where the sun shines, the fountains flow and the […]