The Miller’s Wife

Today we are making Sea Bream Meunière with Anglaise Potatoes.  For American devotees of Julia Child, this is an important dish.  She writes in her autobiographical book My Life in France that this dish re-awakened her gastronomic sense to transform the experience into “the most exciting meal of my life.”  Sole Meunière became a real epiphany for […]

Beef Bourguignon

Stew is one of life’s easiest dishes.  All you do is brown the meat, add vegetables and broth, put it in the oven, and come back a few hours later to a delicious dinner.   That is how our family has made stew for generations.  But we are not French, we are Irish.  Today, I am […]

From Humble Spuds to Pommes de Terre

As Week Four winds up, the first course is halfway completed. Looking ahead at the syllabus, almost every practical has a side dish of potatoes.  Hurray! This should be familiar territory, allowing me to concentrate on more complicated parts, like the main dish.  My heritage is Irish, and the humble spud was an almost-daily dinner […]