Tokyo Table

Culinary Adventures at Le Cordon Bleu, Tokyo
Stuffed Quail and Potatoes Dauphine

A Matter of Time – A Typical Day Part 2

Home Prep When I arrive home, my Le Cordon Bleu day is still continuing, I’m just changing locations.  My bike ride home is quick as it’s all downhill in this direction.   I get home before my husband and four teenagers so I have a few moments to unpack and set up.  My first task […]

Chicken Fricasee

A Matter of Time – A Typical Day Part 1

When I share with friends that I’m taking courses at Le Cordon Bleu, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is what  a typical day is like.  “Is it like the popular TV culinary shows with food fights for ingredients, smashing of potatoes, tears, faked injuries, competition between students, insults and a whole lot of shouting?”  […]

French Hot Dogs

Today starts my fourth week.  I’m halfway through the program and still can’t believe I’m here.   For me, much of this program is a remembrance of days past through the food I enjoyed on my visits to France.  France has always represented a fantasy world, where the sun shines, the fountains flow and the […]

Fillet O’Fish

     Fish fillets come in all sorts of sizes.  In my early years, they usually came fried on a bun, as a hamburger substitute on Fridays.  As I’ve “matured,” and my pallet has expanded, I’ve grown to love the taste of fresh fish and even sushi, which usually has a few pieces of raw fish as well.  […]

Earning Folds in My Toque

There’s a belief that each fold in the original toque (the tall pleated hat symbolizing the head chef) represented the mastery of an egg technique.  30 folds meant 30 different techniques.  Looking at Chef’s Le Cordon Bleu toque I notice there must be about 40 folds.  How many egg techniques are there, I wonder?  And then I imagine my […]