Tokyo Table

Culinary Adventures at Le Cordon Bleu, Tokyo

How To Make A Lovely Vegetable Stock

Over the past 10 years I’ve taught a variety of cooking classes for friends and neighbors.  It started when I moved to Los Angeles in 2005 and many of my friends mentioned that they had never learned to cook. They wanted to make delicious and nutritious meals for their families but didn’t  know where to start.  […]

Fouettes in the Kitchen

My daughters have been quite supportive.  They have been dancing and training in classical ballet for 12 years, and I’m appreciating how similar Ballet Culture is to Chef Culture.  Like the Chef, the Ballet Mistress is in charge.  There is no talking in either place; we work in silence.  We must be focused, yet relaxed.  Our movements […]

The “Oui Chef” world!

Today was my first day.  Like all first days, the excitement of new adventures and new situations seemed to fill the air.  Does everyone in Tokyo feel this excitement today or just me?  I haven’t had a first day of class in over 25 years and I had forgotten how many new things happen in just […]

The Journey Begins

Tomorrow begins my first day at Le Cordon Bleu – Tokyo.  You might wonder why I’m taking French cooking lessons in Japan.  Strange? Maybe,  maybe not.  Tokyo is one of those magical cities where the more you discover, the more you see the depth and charm of the place.   Tokyo values diligence, attention to detail, and […]